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$OBEY$ - Ready to serve our own needs. Tee

$OBEY$ - Ready to serve our own needs. Tee

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You didn't think I was just going to drag the Westons, did you?

Sobeys puts restrictions on the cash its customers donate, requiring food banks to buy through its own stores instead of just handing over the donations for them to purchase items at places for less money. They only allow the donations to purchase non-perishable items nothing fresh and if you have ever shopped at Sobeyes you know just how much more expensive their non-perishables are compared to other stores. So in other words they take your donations, possibly get a tax break for it, and then "donate" it to food banks with hefty stipulations. Donate directly to foodbanks, and don't let Sobeys play dictator to those helping your more vulnerable neighbours. 

This shirt stylizes the Sobeys brand highlighting the word 'Obey' between two Dollar signs. 

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